Ray Kichline

Ray Kichline

Ray Kichline is part owner of R&J Phantom Screens along with his son Jamie. Having first been introduced to Phantom Screens in 1995, Ray was intrigued with the simplicity and durability of the retractable screen concept, not to mention how amazing it was to see the screen retract away when not in use. He quickly realized there was a huge need for Phantom Screens in the Southern California area, and was able to establish a Distributorship for the Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

Ray now enjoys working on the administrative end of the business, connecting with customers over the phone and sharing his passion for the product. He still provides the same great level of customer service that grew the business in the beginning.

Give R&J Phantom Screens a call and speak with Ray about how a Phantom Screen can enhance your door, window or large opening. 

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